M.A.R.S., Version 7.5 Features

Company (back to main menu)

  • National company based in San Antonio, Texas
  • Installations in many states
  • Originator and sole owner of M.A.R.S.- not a franchisee
  • Installed first medical system in 1976
  • True turnkey single source vendor
  • Nationwide hardware service available through major vendors
  • Several staff trained in medical field
  • "800" support hot-line provides rapid answers
  • Custom program modifications available at additional cost
  • Periodic newsletters
  • Customers under extended support program receive software updates at no charge
  • Quarterly enhancements to protect your investment
  • State or Federally mandated charges on system prior to required date

General (back to main menu)

  • Optional programs available for RHC, HHA, ASC, Anesthesiology, CMHC, OB/GYN & Others
  • M.A.R.S. runs on UNIX, NT, Windows/DOS and Novell
  • True multi-user, Multi-tasking system available with UNIX
  • Multiple doctor, multiple office and specialty on same system
  • Can operate private practice & Rural Health Clinics concurrently, up to 99 separate clinics
  • Thorough system security, many levels available
  • Menu driven
  • Search available at every code field with pop up windows
  • Add and change code field during processing with Pop-Up windows
  • Open item system, not balance forward
  • Scroll up and down multiple page listings
  • Area Code update program
  • Optional scanner inputfor attachment of information to the Patient Account number
  • Optional interface to flecher-Flora LabPak II software for lab requests and automatic posting
  • Optional interface to Purkinje, D.C.I., pen-based Electronic Medical Records system
  • Hardware supplied from major vendors
  • Extensive experience with Wide Area Networks

Patient Information (back to main menu)

  • Input and display of all patient information accessible from a single screen including: patient demographics responsible parties, insurance coverage, appointments, recall, employer information, comments and more
  • Separate patient, insurance and collection balance on Patient Master Screen
  • Multiple inquiries to include Name, Account # or Social Security #
  • Pop-up window for private patient comments
  • Chart label can be generated for new patients
  • Unlimited insurance coverage allows maintenance of "old coverage" with claims pending
  • Maintains family or industrial/company account numbers
  • Groups family accounts together with different names, coverage, fathers etc.
  • Superbills can be generated or printed quickly at time of patient check-in
  • Payments to charges tracking history screen
  • Patient demographics can be shared with multiple clinics

Charge Posting (back to main menu)

  • Allows payment to be posted at time of charge posting
  • Allows receipt (walk-out bill) to be generated at time of charge posting
  • Retains preceding information for quick multiple procedure posting
  • Allows "from-to" dates to be posted
  • Multiple provider posting on same screen
  • User selects who is responsible for charge entered
  • Payment to charges tracking history screen
  • Pricing is automatic, dependent on performing physician and fee schedule definition, can be altered
  • Assigned and non-assigned charges can be entered on same screen
  • Automatically "assigns" all Medicare lab charges
  • Allows multiple diagnosis per procedure
  • On-line ICD-9 diagnosis code book, updated annually
  • Operator audit trail on charge posting with individual sub-totals
  • Single entry feature for grouping of CPT codes for single posting

Managed Care (back to main menu)

  • Tracks RVUs per CPT code
  • Cost analysis per RVU
  • Capitated contracking and analysis
  • Tracks utilization
  • Stop loss protection warning for individual and plan
  • Outcome analysis and reporting
  • Insurance plan tracking
  • Extensive reporting & Optional Query function available
  • HMO/PPO comparison reporting
  • Tracks remaining number of visits on prior authorization codes

Appointment Scheduling (back to main menu)
"Gate Keeper of Managed Care"

  • Allows variable length appointments
  • Quick look screen for viewing 5 providers at once
  • Pop-up screen provides insurance information check list for each plan
  • Flags procedures prior authorization
  • Fast, flexible system allows appointments to be scheduled in less than 30 seconds
  • Automatic search for next available appointment
  • Generates appointment call list & chart pulling list
  • No show/cancellation history maintained on patient file for medical legal protection
  • On-line booking, canceling, viewing and moving appointments
  • Prints schedules for individual doctors or practice as whole
  • Reason for appointment posted and comments field available
  • Prints book with appointments and open slots to facilitate last minute scheduling
  • Superbills/charge tickets printed for scheduled appointments
  • Displays patient current balance when booking appointment for increased collections

Recall (back to main menu)

  • Can select individual procedures for automatic recall
  • Selected recall can be entered as patient checks out
  • User defined recall reasons
  • User can send postcard, letters or generate lists

Billing (back to main menu)

  • EPSDT tracking & Family Planning for Medicare
  • Superbills/charge slips generated at the time of visit for patient to file own claims
  • HMO and PPO billing and tracking system
  • Patient balances are always current
  • Automatic disallowance and write-off calculations
  • All charges are detailed as to whether amount owed is from patient or insurance
  • Separates multiple insurance companies responsibility
  • Patients are billed only what you deem they are responsible for
  • Statements can print aging, dunning message and/or personal message
  • Automatic remainder billing for insurance patients
  • Automatic multiple payment posting with range of dates
  • Audit trail on payment posting with individual sub-totals
  • Optional Electronic Remittance Notice (ERN) for NSF Part B, with automatic posting of payments
  • Optional "Express Bill" electronic statement services

Insurance (back to main menu)

  • Uses National Standard Format for electronic claims (UB-92 & HCFA1500)
  • Medicare Part B electronic claims submission direct to intermediaries in many states
  • Medicaid automatic electronic claims submission direct to intermediaries in many states
  • Electronic crosss-overs of Medicaid/Medicare in some states
  • Blanket approval Medicare Part B electronic claims in Texas and Part A in some stated
  • Support for Texas Workers Comp (TWCC), including forms printing (#61, 63, 64, & 69)
  • Automatic translation of your coding and fee schedule to insurance company requirements
  • Automatic processing of claims to secondary carriers
  • Optional electronic claims submission through clearing houses
  • Insurance rebilling from history
  • Primary/secondary insurance tracking

Collections (back to main menu)

  • Automatic write-off of accounts that meet your and Medicare write-off criteria
  • Prints patient ledger for all patients sent to collections
  • Tracks collection letters 150 to days

Reporting (back to main menu)

  • Practice analysis report
  • Bank deposits are automatically prepared
  • Multiple reports broken down by office, doctor, account type, financial class and others
  • Many reports can display on screen prior to printing
  • Report manager available with ability to bundle End of Month reports as needed
  • Charge ticket tracking, including lost or missing tickets
  • Provider utilization reports
  • Selected diagnosis and procedure reports
  • Third party reimbursement analysis
  • Mailing labels
  • Aging analysis breaks on responsible party displaying who owes what on each account
  • Collection ratio shows accurate profile
  • Outstanding insurance report can be run for any company with any criteria
  • Extensive Managed Care reporting

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