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In 1975, a computer system in a doctor's office was an uncommon site. For one reason, even the smallest ones took up entire rooms. Secondly, but probably more important, they started in the $50,000. range and went up from there. Not only was the price out of the budget for most practitioners, they were also afraid of this"new technology". It was then that Datatrend Systems, Inc. was established.

It was at the same time that another San Antonio based company was gaining national prominence with their own line of computers. Datapoint computers were state of the art and less expensive than the bigger names. Based on the Datapoint mini-computer, Datatrend offered a complete computer system in the $30,000. range, an extremely reasonable price for those days.

In December of 1982, employees of Datatrend Systems, Inc. bought out the original owners of the company and renamed it "Moravits & Mazurek, Inc.; DBA as M & M Computer Services". This was done at a time when the reputation of Datapoint was suffering and the emergence of a new technology was taking shape. This new technology was known as the Personal Computer.

With the birth of the PC in the early 1980's, M & M Computer Services immediately began to rethink it's position on computer technology and decided to begin selling the Personal Computer (PC) line of computers at almost half of the Datapoint systems cost. Not only would the cost be significantly reduced, the new technology would allow for more advanced programming techniques as well.

Today, M & M Computer Services is considered one of the industry leaders because of its vast experience in both hardware and software technology over the past two decades. The M.A.R.S. program has all of the latest software features and runs on systems that have one user to systems that are capable of running over one hundred users in multiple locations. As technology changes, the M.A.R.S. software has always been enhanced to work with the latest products available.

While customers look to M & M Computer Services for their technological advancements and innovations in software and hardware, they must be reminded of the real reason that M & M Computer Services has endured through two decades....SERVICE !

The company was founded on service. Their clients not only made an important capital investment, but by doing so they committed to trust that M & M Computer Services would be there to service and support them for years to come. That is why you will still find more than a few ten or fifteen year old computer systems in doctors offices today. Of course, all of the original Datatrend clients have upgraded their hardware to the later models.

With a large number of medical software companies going out of business every year, it is no wonder that our clients boast of their wise investment. They were faced with the same decision that you are faced with today and they made the right choice.

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