Read our Company History and you will find two Decades of uninterrupted Service to our Clients.

Our Mission Statement clearly outlines our dedication to Service, which is the backbone of every product that we sell.

Since 1977, M & M Computer Services has provided inventive and reliable service in the areas of Physician Billing, Rural Health Billing and more recently, Electronic Medical Records.

We provide solutions in a demanding and fluctuating market arena such as; Customized Accounts Receivable Reports, Electronic submission of Insurance claims, and unique Medical-office networking solutions (I.E. LAN, WAN, Tele-Commuting, etc…) just to name a few. Our Medical Accounts Receivable System (M.A.R.S.) is flexibly designed to work within a single-physician office, a multi-physician Clinic, or even a multi-clinic environment. And, with Clientele on both the East and West Coast of the Continental United States (not to mention points in between), we have the necessary experience to get the job done no matter where you are located.

Please take a moment to fill out a short description email so that we can show you how M & M Computer Services will benefit you. Or, if you prefer, just drop us a line.

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